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The "Need to Knows"

Welcome to Gateway Church! We are so glad you're on our website, and we hope to meet you soon. Below are some "Need to Knows" that should answer some immediate questions you might have. Feel free to browse around the rest of the website to learn more about us!

Who is the Pastor?

Pastor Nick McSpadden has been the Pastor here at Gateway since 2015. Go to the "Our Pastor" page to learn more about him!

What should I expect?

We start out services with fellowship and greeting each other while people continue to come in. We start the service with the announcements video that explains what's going on at Gateway. Once the video is done we go straight into Praise and Worship. The Praise and Worship service consist of contemporary music that is performed by the band and choir. Children church will dismiss after Praise and Worship is complete. Pastor McSpadden will then deliver the Word that God has placed in his heart to give. Go to our beliefs page to learn more about us and our beliefs.

How long does the service last?
A typical worship service starts at 10:45am and ends around 12pm. Visit our Sermons Tab to listen to some of the previous series and sermons.

What should I wear?
Be comfortable and come as you are. Some folks dress up, but most wear casual clothes, including jeans and shorts. We care about you, not what you're wearing.

Where do I go?
There is an entrance to the church on each side of the building. When you enter, you should be greeted by one of our Greeters before entering the sanctuary. Feel free to sit wherever you want! There is also a balcony that provides extra seating. When you visit the first time we ask that you please fill out a visitors card and place it in the offering plate.

What about my kids?
We'll help you with your children from infant through grade 4. Children participate in worship service with their parents and once the praise and worship is over they will be dismissed to go with Mrs. Lisa Gann to children's church. The safety of your child(ren) is very important to us and we assure you that he/she will be taken care of by Mrs. Gann and the helper that is assisting her. Click here to learn more about children's church.

One last thing...
Here at Gateway, you'll find super nice people, but we're not perfect. We are all human and are growing together in order to develop a closer and deeper relationship with God. Remember, we were all once lost but now we're found. At Gateway you will not be judged but welcomed with love. Everyone here matters, and we cannot wait to see you there!

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